Europe And Russia’s Mission To Mars


The ExoMars mission blasted off seven months ago abord a Russian rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. After its 56-million kilometre journey, the Schiaparelli lander separated from the spacecraft Trace Gas Orbiter and started a three-day descent to the surface. […]

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Best mini-series 2008 – 2015


Mini-series are not a tough genre to get accustomed to if you’re relatively new to the world of TV series. They’re fairly short, and the danger of getting lost in binge-watching is relatively low since, well, it’s a miniseries. Secondly, the […]

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Best Psychological Movies


10 Memento (2000) The Film “Memento” (2000) opens the ten best psychological movies. The picture was twice nominated for the award “Oscar”. The main character Leonard Shelby deprives  the most important person in his life and his memory… He suffers from a […]

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10 Facts About The Japanese Yakuza


1 Technically the Yakuza is legal The main principle of the Yakuza is to stay clean before the law. It’s all part of their elaborate disguise. The headquarters of the Yakuza is located on one of the business districts of […]

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