Best Lawyers of America 2016


W. DONALD COX, NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED LITIGATOR, REUNITES WITH COLLEAGUES AT WIAND GUERRA KING Wiand Guerra King P.L. announced today that W. Donald Cox, Esq. has joined the firm. Mr. Cox, a nationally recognized commercial litigation lawyer, is reunited at Wiand […]

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Game of Thrones


Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) Brief information Date of birth – April 7, 1987 (age 29) Place of birth –  Berkshire, England, UK Growth – 1.60 m The first film – Doctors (TV series, 2000 – …) Biography Emilia Clarke was […]

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The Craziest Research Projects


The implementation of many of these projects became possible only in the last century — thanks to new ideas and materials. Architecture becomes one of the most important areas in the modern world. Designing spaces where people live and work, […]

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Specific Diets of Centenarians


One of the most common factors among the diets of centenarians is not only the consumption of good foods, but of eating small amounts of food over the course of the day. The benefit of consuming small amounts of food […]

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Seeing America Through Russian Eyes


Work and Travel is one of the most popular programs for young people who want to travel to the United States. Maria Rodionova went to the U.S. on this program in summer 2014 and shares her impressions of the work, […]

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Why Did The Russians Sell Alaska?


Till nowadays this page of Russian history is read by many people on the diagonal, giving rise to many myths. For example, that Alaska was sold by Catherine II or Russia has handed Alaska for rent. When? The first idea […]

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The Russian Program Of Lunar Exploration


The program was made by the Institute of space research on behalf of Roscosmos in 2014. ISR proposes to use the Moon as a scientific testing ground for large-scale astronomical and geophysical research. It is proposed to establish on the […]

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