Plus-size models without photoshop: everything is not as chic as it seems at first glance

Some time ago, the fashion for buxom models blew up the Internet. They began to appear in advertisements and on the covers of magazines. Skinny models seemed to have receded into the background, and the era of bodypositive. However, in reality everything is not so fine: photographers and retouchers try to hide the shortcomings above the photos of plus-size models. In this collection we will show you how to actually look popular buxom model.


Kim Kardashyan

Curvy shapes of this star became a subject of envy of the whole generation. But seldom appears in Kym’s public without the correcting linen, and its pictures, even in social networks, are strongly retouched. But Kim Kardashyan could not disappear from ubiquitous paparazzi, and her photos without photoshop filtered into the Internet. It appears, outstanding forms of Kym at all not such with what we see them on pages of luster.



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