Although The Viper Room is just one of the many clubs located on the Sunset Strip, it involves some interesting stories. The Viper Room opened in 1993 and quickly became popular among Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Jared Leto and Leo DiCaprio. Today the club offers live rock performances that invariably come with different celebrities. It is also interesting that prior to 2004 the club was owned by Johnny Depp.

  1. Marquee, Las Vegasnight-clubs-4

The Marquee flashed repeatedly in the press for the one reason — Kim Kardashian likes to visit it. Marquee is also notable for the fact that it regularly makes party in the pool.

  1. Ministry of Sound, Londonnight-clubs-5

Considering that this club was founded by DJ Justin Berkmann, it is not surprising that the main thing in this club is music. Ministry of Sound was created in a former bus depot, which, Berkmann remade in the famous London club. The main hall is equipped with hi-tech sound system and excellent sound insulation, it is not surprising that some of the best DJs in the world like to perform there.

  1. Webster Hall, New Yorknight-clubs-6

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