The Style Of The First Ladies: 7 Main Fashionistas Of The World

Sophie Gregoire (wife of the Prime Minister of Canada)

Sophie Gregoire, the wife of one of the most beautiful politicians in the world – the Prime Minister of Canada, should look as he. She doesn’t usually put on elaborate outfits and most often chooses a classic pencil dresses long MIDI. There is nothing more feminine than similar styles! By the way, Sophie is often compared with the Duchess of Cambridge, and this is all because of the fact that her styling is often reminiscent of the hairstyle of Kate Middleton.


Carla Bruni (wife of the former President of France)

The wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy – the icon of French style. Carla Bruni has impeccable taste. Each publication is an example of elegance and modesty. The wife of former President of France could afford to appear on the official meeting or social event in shoes without heels − ballet flats – and looked just amazing. Carla never overload her image with unnecessary details and jewellery, thus emphasizing restraint in the choice of clothing.


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