The Style Of The First Ladies: 7 Main Fashionistas Of The World

The first lady is not just the President’s wife. She is the embodiment of style, beauty and behaviour in society. Her daily life is closely watched by journalists, so the first lady should always look perfect, be able to support any small talk, have good manners and, of course, possess a sense of style. After all, the first lady is the face of the country. In our review we show 7 most stylish first ladies in recent years, whose impeccable taste will be envied by even the most avid fashionista.

Melania Trump (wife of the US President)

Today Melania Trump is one of the most talked about person in the world. Every public  meeting in the role of the spouse of the President of the United States is perfect. She usually prefers monochrome outfits. Only earlier Melania appeared in public in dresses with a deep neckline, but today they were replaced by elegant outfits. The first lady of the United States prefers light shades of pink, blue, beige. She always has impeccable hair and makeup. Today, she is imitated by the millions of ordinary women across the planet.


Bridget Tronie (wife of the French President)

Despite her age (the wife of the President of France, 64 years) Bridget Tronie looks amazing! She prefers functionality, practicality and comfort: classical trousers, various versions of jackets, suits – that’s the first lady of France. But now Bridget often appears in public in short dresses. The fitted models A-line long just above the knee, of course, make her good. Good, slim figure allows her to wear such extreme length and looks very elegant and restrained.


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