Do you want to know what the fitness trends will be on the top in 2018?

Some years ago in our notebooks it was possible to find a “reminder” to go for shaping or aerobics? But it seems that since then have passed hundred years, and the current modern girl attends exclusively to pilates, bodyflex, callanetics and even tae-bo! Whatever you say, but fashion crept into all spheres of our life, and even doing sports without new trends is not successful!

And do you want to know what fitness trends are the most important in 2018?

1 Boxing1boks

Just don’t say that you are surprised… But only for the last year enrolling in boxing has increased by 89%! But there is no secret: even if you go for boxing only 3 times a week for 45 minutes, already in a month you will get noticeable results. Surprisingly, but during boxing body very quickly adapts to the loads and internal feelings give you the emotions of a winner. But that’s not all!

Just think – if you have extra pounds you’ll burn more calories in less amount of time, muscle relief will make body attractive, the cardiovascular system will become stronger and lung capacity will increase! But the most important are the total release of negative energy, stress prevention, improving responsiveness and concentration. And what more boxing makes us self-confident and sociable!2boks-2

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