Melania Trump: 10 Unusual Facts

She wants to be the next Jacqueline Kennedy

Pamela Keogh, who wrote the biographical book, “Jackie Kennedy. Style Secrets”, expressed the view that Melania, like the heroine of her story, is an ideal wife: “Beautiful, smart, has her own opinion and can give correct advice.” In 2000 Mrs. Trump said in an interview with the New York Times that if she ever becomes first lady, she will be “very traditional, like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy”. Probably Melania had already knew about the secret ambitions of her husband.

After nearly two decades her American dream has come true. According to experts, we should not underestimate the new first lady – as Jacqueline, Melania has all chances to become a new icon of her country.

She has “stolen” Donald Trump from the successor of cosmetic Empire

Melania Knavs (future Trump) met Donald when she was 28 years old. It happened in 1998 in the Manhattan club “Kit Kat” at the party of Paolo Zampolli, founder of the model agency “ID Models Management”. Trump was there with his girlfriend Selina Midelfart, the daughter of a businessman Finn Eric Midelfort, head of Norway’s major cosmetic concern. By that time family business had alreadypassed into the hands of Selina. When Donald saw Melania, he distracted from his girlfriend and asked Miss Knavs for the phone number, but she refused because she had already heard about the adventures of loveable billionaire.

But she wrote down the Donald’s number. “If I gave him my phone number, I would have been one of those women whom he’s calling himself. There is no secret that rich people have few phone numbers, and which of them he gives to a new woman, speaks volumes. To me he gave all his numbers,” said Mrs.Trump.


The Clintons were guests at her wedding

At the wedding of Miss Knavs and Mr. Trump among the 350 guests there was Bill Clinton, at that time he had already left the post of the President of the United States, with his wife Hilary. Then, according to the photos, future opponents were very nice to each other. But she became the main rival for Trump in the presidential election and to the last she believed in her victory. We wonder whether Mrs. Clinton will visit  the solemn ceremony of the inauguration of Donald Trump.

By the way, the bride’s attire was in truth precious. Its cost was $ 100,000. There were 500 crystals. The masters of the house of Christian Dior haute couture took 550 hours to embroider the dress with jewelry for the future Mrs. Trump. It was topped with a plume, whose length was 4.8 meters.

By the way, the dress was more than heavy – it weighed 20 pounds. The bride quickly grew tired of this dress and she changed it to a lighter dress from Vera Wang in a Greek style  with open top and formfitting.



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