Melania Trump: 10 Unusual Facts

Whatever bright the identity of Donald Trump is, we must admit that the “wife model” is much greater sensation.


On 8 November, as a joke in the press, America chose the 45th President “white rich man with a cigar, whiskey and wife-model”. But no matter how bright the identity of Donald Trump is, we must admit that the “wife model” is much greater sensation – so first lady as Melania Trump the US certainly hasn’t had yet.

She is the only first lady of the United States, whom the electorate saw nude.

Three years before meeting with Donald Trump in 1996, Melania appeared nude in the French men’s glossy magazine “Max”. The girl was then 25 years old. On a revealing photo shoot she appeared completely naked lying on the bed with the Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson. Pictures were made by French photographer Ale de Basseville, who called the pictures “beautiful and not pornographic”.

In 2016, the American tabloid New York Post found these pictures and put them on the cover of the July issue signed “Melania Trump that you have never seen.”

After this publication no one has accused Melania in frivolous behavior. In social networks there has been lots of comments for a long time about the fact that candid photos from the past is not a reason to condemn the spouse of the candidate in US presidents. Donald Trump himself reacted calmly to the publication: “In Europe, pictures like these are very fashionable and very common”, he commented.

She speaks 5 languages

But she does not have a higher education. Strange but it is true. Melania was born in Sevnica, Slovenia (former Yugoslavia). By nationality she is Slovenian, and native language Melania is Slovenian. From childhood she also knows well Serbian and German.

At the age of 16 she entered at the Ljubljana University with a degree in architecture and design. But in the first year she already met with photographer Stan Erko. Since that time, the studying has been abandoned, and she has begun the rapid career of the model. She left university and went to live and work in Paris where she has learned French.

In 1996 Melania again changed residence, that time she undertook the conquest of New York. And here it is – her free English. By the way, that “Nude” photo shoot was in New York .


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