Experts have examined the genealogical connection of American presidents in details. All of them, except Martin van Buren, are relatives of English king John Lackland. The fact of the kinship of almost all presidents and royalty has been set by 12-year-old schoolgirl Bridge Anne de Avinon. With the help of her grandfather she made an extensive family tree and proved the relationship of presidents with the English king. For this she had to review about 500 thousand names.


By the Way the noble President of the United States is Barack Obama. In addition to the connection with John Lackland, he is also a descendant of Rurik, but in the 35th generation. Obama owes noble origins his mother, Ann Dunham. In addition to the relationship with Rurik, the 44th President of the United States is related to Yaroslav the Wise: Obama’s ancestors are the king of Scotland William I and England’s king Edward I, who were, in turn, linked by ties of kinship with the Russian Prince.

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