The implementation of many of these projects became possible only in the last century — thanks to new ideas and materials.
Architecture becomes one of the most important areas in the modern world. Designing spaces where people live and work, has ceased to carry only functional in nature — now, architecture can be considered as a unique fusion of art and science.
People has become interested in the layout of the buildings, they has begun not only to understand the meaning of space, but try to use it.
Scientists best of all use the experience of architects. Implementation of many projects became possible only in the last century — thanks to new ideas and materials that began to use by architects. We decided to collect some of the craziest research projects from all over the world, each of which startled us.
The Project “Biosphere 2”
The Arizona Desert
Billionaire Edward Bass decided to show humanity how important the planet is.  For this he hired scientists who developed the project “Biosphere 2”, simulating a closed ecological system. The main task was the idea about the working ability of the person in a completely closed environment. As Bass thought if the experiment was successful it could allow humanity to establish similar complexes on other planets.
Ahuge network of sealed buildings was built. Each maintained its own ecosystem. During two years a group of scientists had been living in the complex, but the difficulties they faced during the experiment didn’t allow to develop it. In 1994 the project ceased to exist.
Giant telescope to “Zenith”
Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Plateau of Mauna Kea, located in Hawaii, was the perfect platform for one of the largest academic buildings in the world.
Right here it was implemented the project of the telescope to Zenith, which for 15 years has been the largest mercury telescope in the world. Zenith weighs more than 25 tonnes, and its equipment allows scientists to observe the energy distribution in galaxies. “Zenith” helps to search distant supernovae, these data provide an opportunity to understand the principle of the development of our galaxy.
Antarctic Sunrise “Antarctic laboratory”
The project “Antarctic Sunrise” has been one of the most complex scientific research in recent years. Because of its construction, the scientists had to master Antarctica. There, they drilled a one-mile pit, which will allow to study particles of neutrinos.
The giant laser “NIF”
Livermore, CA
The world’s largest laser was built in 2009. Oddly enough, it is not designed for military purposes, with it scientists get information about thermonuclear processes.
In the coming years there should begin experiments on controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction — that sounds just as promising as scary.


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