Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen)


Brief information

Date of birth – April 7, 1987 (age 29)

Place of birth –  Berkshire, England, UK

Growth – 1.60 m

The first film – Doctors (TV series, 2000 – …)


Emilia Clarke was born on 7 April 1987 in London, England. Her mother had a small business, and her father was a director of the sound in the theater, largely because of this young Emilia took to acting. At the age of three years old, Emilia’s mother took her to father’s work, then the girl firmly decided that she would become an actress.

The first steps on the big stage Emilia did while studying at Oxford Saint Edward’s School, she participated in two productions. In 2005, immediately after high school, Clark entered the London Drama Centre, which she successfully graduated in 2009. All that time she had been playing in classic and modern plays, in the end she got about twenty roles.

A significant role in the formation of Emilia as an actress was made by Russian Directors Oleg Miroshnikov and Vladimir Mirodan with whom she worked at the London Drama Centre. At the same period, she appeared in the TV series “Doctors”, that are very popular in England.

In 2010 she made her debut in the movie, it was the movie “Attack of the Triassic period.” In the same year Emilia has made a breakthrough, becoming one of the main actresses of the series “Game Of Thrones”. She came on the second casting, after Tamzin Merchant had left the project, young Amelia managed to get stiff competition among young talents and famous actresses.

Apart  from acting, Emily is very fond of architecture and graphic design, and moreover she dances and sings very good.

Aidan Gillen (Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish)


Brief information

Date of birth – 24 APR 1968 (age 48)

Place of birth – Dublin, Ireland

Growth – 1.78 m

Personal life – Olivia O’Flanagan … has two children

The first film – Midsomer Murders (TV series, 1984 – 2010)


Aidan Gillen was born on April 24, 1968 in Dublin, Ireland. Aidan graduated from St. Vincent’s C. B. S. in Glasnevin. In 2001, he married his longtime girlfriend Olivia O’Flanagan, whom to this day is married with. The couple has two children Berry, born in 1997 and Joe, born in 2000. The happy family lives in Ireland, where the head of the family periodically goes on tour or shooting.

His acting career Aidan began at the age of sixteen years at the Dublin theatre, he played there the weaver from the Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Then he moved to London for career development.

Actor has become very famous after the role of Stuart Jones in the popular series of the British Channel 4 “Queer as Folk”, as well as after the role of the mayor of Baltimore, in the popular TV project HBO’s “The Wire.” Tommy Carcetti has become a recognizable character thanks to the efforts of Aidan, and the actor was awarded the prestigious prize in the area of Irish television. In 2000 he starred in the sequel “Queer as Folk 2” and was nominated by the British Academy of Television.

Aiden has multiple roles in cinema, including the film “12 rounds” in 2009, in which he starred together with the professional wrestler John Sinaia. He also starred in “Shanghai knights” and ” Blitz”.

In July 2010, he was officially presented to the public as a performer as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish in the large  project “Game Of Thrones”.

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