Till nowadays this page of Russian history is read by many people on the diagonal, giving rise to many myths. For example, that Alaska was sold by Catherine II or Russia has handed Alaska for rent.



The first idea of selling Alaska to USA expressed the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky in 1853.

He presented to Nicholas I a note, which insisted on the need to sell land of Alaska.

It is, as he wrote, will allow Russia to concentrate efforts on strengthening their position in Eastern Asia and improve relations with the United States and will allow countries to be friends against England. Muravyov-Amursky also wrote that passing time it will be difficult to defend such remote areas for Russia.

The deal was made by the  son of Nicholas I, the Emperor Alexander II. The agreement was signed on March 30, 1867 in Washington.белый м

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