Work and Travel is one of the most popular programs for young people who want to travel to the United States. Maria Rodionova went to the U.S. on this program in summer 2014 and shares her impressions of the work, the country, and the people.

1. Work

Anna, Polina, Maria


Taking part in the U.S. Work & Travel program was my friend Anna’s dream for at least five years. The program’s name speaks for itself: For the first three months you work in the U.S.; after, you travel on the money you’ve earned. To exclude the possibility of permanent migration and ensure successful integration, participants must:

  1. Be currently enrolled full-time students;
  2. Find a seasonal job (waiter, lifeguard, housekeeper, etc.) in a small town;
  3. Be able to say “my English is very bad”;
  4. Pay $3,000 for the organization’s fees, tickets and a visa to the States.

We were three sophomores, eager to live in a foreign country, who had barely saved $3,000. Long curious as to why the U.S. attracts so many people, we took our finals in advance and, in the beginning of June, I took the second flight of my life, bound for the New World in pursuit of Anna’s dream.

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