Turing Announces Another Phone, This Time With 3 Snapdragon 830s, 4K Display, 18GB Of RAM, And More Outrageous Specs

Steve Chao, CEO of TRI, starts the newsletter off with an inspirational Steve Jobs quote. Chao goes on to (attempt to) explain how the dual Snapdragon 830s in the Cadenza will operate. Now, I’m not an engineer, so one of you guys will have to tell us if this logic is sound.

“TRI plans on connecting multiple CPUs via WiGig by implementing an ad-hoc driver to the 60GHz channel via on-board USB3.0. This complicated computing process stores a transient matrix in SSD of CPU(1), then it recomputes and shares the transient matrix with the other SSD of CPU(2) simultaneously. This results in the CPUs sharing their computing power in parallel. Such proprietary technology enables TRI to achieve never-seen-before computing power on a mobile device. So what exactly is this technology intended for? The answer is – Computational Intelligence (CI).”

TRI also mentions that R&D for these hypothetical phones is being done in Salo, Finland, a place where manufacturers such as Nokia and Microsoft used to develop phones.

And now we get to the Turing Monolith Chaconne. This thing might just redefine “batshit insane”. TRI is calling this “a device that falls in between the mobile phone and tablet categories.” (I think the word you’re looking for is phablet, Steve.)

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