Girl In A Billion: The 10 Hottest Girlfriends Of Donald Trump

There are a billion reasons why some of the hottest girls on the planet have had relationships with a guy like Donald Trump. And let we close our eyes on his money — although hell money is enough  reason. Trump has always been a confident leader, who be able to win over anyone.
Politicians and major investors, billionaire and genius inventor still consider the privilege of friendship with this odious Republican. With such layouts it would be foolish to choose the girls of not first-tier and Trump has never done it.
Ivana Zelnickova
 The flamboyant politician is greedy for pretty girls from Eastern Europe. In 1977 Trump married Czech model Ivana — and lived with her happily for a couple of decades. In the divorce, Ivana received $25 million: one for each year of marriage.

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