Jim Carrey, Eva Mendes and other celebrities that have completely refused from alcohol

Getting too much alcohol is harmful for our health. But in this case, health is not the only reason why the alcohol is bad. Many stars  of our today’s collection of alcohol addicted had to go through rehab, scandals and even prisons, to give up alcohol, and for someone the smell of alcohol seems unpleasant. In the end, all of them for one reason or another have completely given up getting alcohol.


Blake Lively The actress, 28 years

The star of “Gossip girl” doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t hang out too often. It is such a simple secret of beauty.

The actor has completely given up getting alcohol at the age 29, when he realized that continuing drinking could make risk for his career.

Bradley Cooper The actor, 41 years old

Bradley Cooper The actor, 41 years

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