Best Psychological Movies

8 Faces In The Crowd (2011)


“Faces In The Crowd” (2011) is a psychological thriller with Milla Jovovich in the lead role. In the life of a young teacher Anna tragedy strikes: she almost becomes the victim of a serial killer. She sees murder. Noticing Anna maniac throws a body and begins pursuit the witness. The heroine jumps from the bridge, but she hits the iron girders with his head. She is saved by a hobo and is taken to the hospital. But soon Anna realizes that strange things happen with her: she does not know her own relatives and sometimes herself in the mirror. Doctors make a terrible and rare diagnosis of prosopagnosia…

7 The Сall (2013)

“The Сall” (2013) —the best psychological Thriller directed by Brad Anderson. This is the story about an operator of rescue service, Jordan Turner, when during one of her shifts, she receives a disturbing call from a teenage girl. She asks for help, as the house entered a criminal. At one point the conversation breaks down. Jordan makes a fatal mistake and dials the number on which the call was made… All that the operator hear on the phone is dying shrieks of the victim. Time passes, but Jordan can’t forgive what she has done. But once the call center receives a call from a girl who is abducted by a serial killer. Jordan decides to save the kidnapped in any case. Soon she realizes that this is the same psychopath who killed a teenage girl who was talking to Jordan…


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