Best Psychological Movies

10 Memento (2000)


The Film “Memento” (2000) opens the ten best psychological movies. The picture was twice nominated for the award “Oscar”. The main character Leonard Shelby deprives  the most important person in his life and his memory… He suffers from a rare form of amnesia: a man remembers all that was before the tragedy and is unable to remember the events after  ten minutes ago. The only purpose in the life of Leonard becomes to find the murder of his wife, but how to do it, if the memory refuses to serve him? Will notes that character continuously makes help him to find way out?

9 Phone Booth (2002)

“Phone Booth” (2002) — a psychological film by Larry Cohen, which was nominated for the award MTV. One phone call can completely change a person’s life or even to pick it up… Main character of the film, Stu, is accidentally caught up in a deadly game with a killer maniac. A young man makes a fatal mistake by lifting the handset of the phone in the booth. Now he is under the gun of a maniacal killer. Any rash step and Stu is dead…


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